We believe in a world free of avoidable deaths

of mothers and babies.

We believe in a world where every mother

has access to medical support.

Together, we can help ensure

every baby has a chance.

Mother's Delivery Kit: Low Cost Way to Ensure Safe Deliveries

Mothers Delivery Kits

Each year, 60 million women worldwide give birth with the help of an untrained traditional birth attendant (TBA), a family member, or with no help at all.


Saving Mothers to Save Lives, Amidst Terrorism and Fear

Traditional Birth Attendant Training in Sagamu

Nigeria has witnessed numerous man-made disasters. The emergence of various terrorist sects, such as Boko Haram (“No Western education”) and the Ombatse group, has generated fear in the hearts of the people of Nigeria.


Teaching Birthing Skills to Save Lives in Katsina State

Demonstration at the training with the Commissioner of Health — in Katsina, Nigeria.

Nigeria’s maternal and infant mortality rates are the highest in Africa and second highest in the world.


Brown Button Foundation: A Call for Unity to End Violence Against Women

Volunteers with Brown Button Foundation, Nigeria

International Women’s Day is not about feminism, but about a collective stand for humanity –  that each person, irrespective of their gender, is as great and has as much of an equal potential as the next person.


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