We believe in a world free of avoidable deaths

of mothers and babies.

We believe in a world where every mother

has access to medical support.

Together, we can help ensure

every baby has a chance.

Saving Mothers to Save Lives, Amidst Terrorism and Fear



Traditional Birth Attendant Training in Sagamu



Terror Attacks in Nigeria: Challenges Strengthen Our Commitment

Nigeria, in the previous quarter, has witnessed numerous man-made disasters. The sudden emergence of various terrorist sects, such as Boko Haram (“No Western education”) and the Ombatse group, has generated fear in the hearts of the people of Nigeria.

These two sects in particular have been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks on the citizens of the country, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives in just those three months.

The worst of these events was the killing of more than 100 policemen and members of state security services in a single day by the Ombatse group in Nasarawa State. This event has increased the terror, especially among people in the northern states of the country, who are our most-targeted beneficiaries.

This has resulted in crippling of national activities in the affected states, including some of the BBF activities; a state of emergency has been declared in most of these states, making it hard for us to carry out some of our proposed projects.

Lives and properties are lost daily, but with our continuous determination in accomplishing the 4th and 5th Millennium Development Goals, we remain strong as ever.

We remain committed to our goal: Saving mothers to save lives.

Increased Acceptance of the Importance of Maternal & Infant Health

Achievements are important for every organization, especially for an NGO such as Brown Button Foundation (BBF), as we help monitor the growth and impact of our organization on the people. BBF has, hence, always strived to achieve its goals and objectives that have been defined in accordance with the 4th and 5th Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria.

Our biggest achievement in the last three months has been our success in achieving greater acceptance of the importance of maternal and infant health in Nigeria, especially the hard-to-reach areas.

In the last three months, BBF has partnered with the Women Farmers Advancement Network (WOFAN), Service to Humanity Foundation, and Katsina State’s ministry of women’s affairs in order to bring help to women, men, and children living in the interior communities in the state.

These partnerships have shown that our vision and mission have been embraced by a larger number of people of this great country, Nigeria.

In no order of importance, listed below are some of our achievements in the last three months:

·         Founder of BBF, Mrs. Adepeju Jaiyeoba, was selected the Global Change Leader by The Coady International Institute, Nova Scotia, Canada, in recognition of the continuous and progressive work of the foundation in saving lives of mothers and children in Nigeria.

  • On World Malaria Day, BBF reached out to the people of Ikoromoja Community, Osun State, Nigeria by organizing public lectures and training sessions and distributing insecticide-treated nets and clean-birth kits in a first-of-its-kind event in the community.
  • BBF, in partnership with WOFAN, trained traditional birth attendants and community health attendants on safer delivery system. Insecticide-treated mosquito nets, clean-birth kits, and baby wrappers were also distributed free of cost.
  • A case was registered by Mr. Adesanya’s family of the birth asphyxia of their daughter due to negligence on the part of the doctor on duty during childbirth.
  • A case was registered by Mr. Akingbeyin, who had lost his wife due to negligence by doctors on duty during childbirth.

These achievements have benefited BBF and the staffs by increasing the awareness about the foundation.

Our foundation is now being widely recognized, and an increasingly greater number of volunteers is learning about the foundation’s importance for the society.

The foundation has been gaining positive results in its fight against infant and maternal mortality in Nigeria. Our voice is now being heard by a larger number of people.

The foundation has also become much more organized now, especially as the founder has been selected as a global change leader and, as a result, staff has increased its knowledge base.

The achievements so far have strengthened our belief in the actualization of the 4th and 5th Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria.

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